Are You Ready For A Good Ol' Fashioned Mobilepocalypse?

Author: Steve McLaughlin on 04/09/2015

Yes, the rumors are true and we know they’re true because, well, they aren’t really rumors. In February, a typically tight lipped Google (at least in regards to when it will drop the latest algorithm updates) confirmed that on April 21st, 2015, it will be rolling out a massive update to its search algorithm. Google’s algo receives minor updates all day err day, but this update in particular promises to have a sizable impact in regards to mobile searchability. 
Plenty of well respected search engine news sources have laid out their case as to how they imagine this new update will impact search results as well as what key factors play a role in continuing to rank well. The ugly truth is, as with most major updates to Google’s algorithm, only time will tell exactly how far reaching the influence of this update will be.
"We want to get 80%-85% of predictions right, not 100%.
Or else we calibrated our estimates in the wrong way"
-Nate Silver, author and pretty smart guy.

-SEO blogs for the last several weeks

Until then, Speculation and Fact will hold hands and walk off into the sunset. That is, until the dust settles and it is once again time for them to go their separate ways. WiredViews will regularly update this series of posts as we find out more facts as to what the actual impacts of this update will be. For now, though, we’ll answer a question that we’ve repeatedly seen and heard over the last several weeks.
Q: Will desktop rankings be effected if your site is not mobile friendly?
A: Simply put, no. A Google representative at SMX Munich recently confirmed to an audience that desktop rankings will not be affected by this update. Some are taking this to mean that the new update is a wholly new crawler or change to the infrastructure of the algorithm altogether. With that said, if you aren’t vying for mobile traffic in the search engine landscape, are you really even trying? Like seriously, why wouldn’t you make your site easily accessible for mobile devices? Using a mobile device to access search results isn’t some fad, it’s quite the opposite in fact, a rising star whose limit has yet to be reached.  In short, if you aren’t developing your website for a mobile audience, you should really reconsider your strategy. 

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