Why Selecting The Right Digital Agency Is Important

Author: Cory Finding on 12/19/2014

Looking for a digital agency in 2015 that understands funnel process?


As a business your selling proposition is based on unique identifiers, proven success, and metrics among other things. If you have a sales funnel process, why wouldn’t your digital assets? If you are not viewing each of your digital marketing outlets as a funnel, then how will you measure them for success, or better yet, create a consistent budget needed to sustain them?

Digital marketing provides meaningful engagement that can move fluidly through development, web, creative and content approach. Sound like a lot? Well, it is. Picking the right digital agency can become just as critical as any other agency you work with. If they do not show interest in your culture, products, sales process, past revenue, project revenue, growth goals., etc. how will they ever understand how to be successful for you?

When going through the process of selecting a digital agency, set aside money for discovery. Fully understand that you should pay them to spend time with your executive and sales teams. Expecting them to behave like a partner is the first step. Remember, you are looking for a partner that looks, acts, and behaves like you. If that’s not what you have in mind, then perhaps just working with a vendor would be more suited to you.

After the discovery phase, revisit and interview them again. Define goals, funnels, and success metrics that will allow you to measure and hold that agency accountable for their work. Don’t be shocked if they request a list of things that your organization will need to provide in order to support their efforts. If you are expecting them to behave like a partner, you need to behave like one as well.

In the end, your goal is to have clear intent, create a great experience and provide meaningful engagement while moving clients and prospects through a defined funnel process. The only way to do this is by creating an attribution model that can accurately measure your efforts.

The fact is, your bottom line is just as critical as your top line. Your marketing budget may be limited, but find ways to work with what you do have. Picking your partner is the first crucial step.