5 Reasons You Should Be Using Video Marketing

Author: Amy Romig on 06/25/2015

Admittedly, the irony of this blog is somewhat atrocious. It defeats the message and should obviously be presented as a vlog… hopefully you will forgive me and see the takeaways for what they are, important and worth the read.

Some Marketing Directors and CMOs shy away from including video in their budgets because of high productions costs, the risk of not meeting the company’s lofty brand standards, or simply fear of the unknown. However, these concerns are a thing of the past. If your digital strategy does not include video marketing, you are missing out on a great opportunity to connect with your audience in the way they prefer to be communicated with.
Take a look at the reasons you need to include video in your marketing plan:
1 - Video marketing IS NOT expensive
3D animation and motion graphics are extremely affordable nowadays. Animators can use stock 3D pieces to reduce build time, and 2D motion graphics with words and images can be built in days now, not weeks. Custom 3D animation and filmed ads are still the most expensive, but they are your best bet for high-end, best quality video. It all depends on the goal of your message. Sometimes a handheld HD camera or even a decent phone camera can give you a homemade/viral feel that is popular today. There are so many video options that will measure up to your intended message delivery, and so many platforms to deliver on. In fact, to encourage video ad placement, platforms like Facebook have decreased the cost to advertise with video.
2 - Video is vital if you want to compete
The fact is, video production for online use will account for more that 1/3 of online ad spend within the next 5 years (Borrell Associates Benchmarking Results.) And the trick to truly competing, especially with bigger brands, is to use the same tactics they are using, just smarter. Be more creative and use the right targeting strategies to see a return on your video investment.
If you are thinking your business is B2B and you need to connect on a higher level, remember that video is not just for the general public. According to Forbes, 75% of executives watch business-related videos online at least once a week.
Also, leveraging video marketing increases search rankings. When Google introduced Universal Search back in 2007, it introduced a variety of elements to its search results besides text links, including videos. Since then, having great video on your site in order to clearly communicate ideas with visitors has been shown to increase the overall usability of a site (something that Google loves to focus on) thus giving sites that employ videos a competitive edge in search engine rankings.  
3 - Videos are what your customers want
People would much rather spend a couple minutes watching a video than several minutes reading an article. Your consumers are busy, and they are looking for messages that are relevant to them. YouTube receives 4 billion views a day. That means everyone is watching videos online – including you! Best of all, video is a demographic crossover. Users between the ages of 35-45, as well as 45-54 are just as likely to watch video online as those 18-24 year olds. So if you’ve been thinking your market is too old to pay attention to video, it’s just not true. When you promote through video, you increase your market’s understanding of your product or service by 74%, and 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product helps in the decision making process.  (Digital Sherpa)
4 - Videos are remembered and acted upon
Compared to reading a message, consumers retain 80% of the content in a video. Even more important, 46% will take action whether it’s looking for more information (26%), visiting a website (22%), visiting a brick and motor location (15%) or purchasing the advertised product (12%.) You can’t get this kind of engagement from a traditional ad no matter how creative or well written it is.
5 - Video vs. text – video wins every time
You just can’t express emotion and intent in words, like you can in video. The human brain connects with motion, sound and voice on a much higher level than reading text. When we hear a human, we process the information into meaningful content. When we see body language and facial expressions, we connect on an emotional level, unmatched by text or even still images. And when we see things in motion, whether it’s words or animation, we pay closer attention. Video is powerful and simply works best to relay your message.  
The versatility of video is endless, and by 2017, Cisco forecasts that 70% of all consumer Internet traffic will be video. 3/4th of all companies will have video in their marketing strategy. Shouldn’t you? If you’re currently using video, good, stay ahead of your competition with smart, strategic videos. If you’re not building video into your strategy, don’t fall further behind, work with a tech-savvy digital marketing agency like WiredViews to discuss your options and showcase your products, services, personality, and brand in the best possible way. Even with a tight budget, you cannot afford not to implement video marketing.