The Growth of a Digital Agency

Author: Cory Finding on 03/19/2015

Twelve years is a long time in the world of digital marketing agencies. Some would say that the art of a digital agency is being in tune with your industry, living on the bleeding edge, making impactful attribution out of new technologies. Man, that even scares me.


As the person responsible for our clients’ top line and utilizing strategy in order to implement digital marketing approach, I hate the idea of living on the edge of the digital void. Dipping our clients’ toes in a black sea of hope is not smart marketing, it’s wishful thinking.


Sound decisions in digital marketing are made from data driven modelling. Through that data we are able to create the right mix of media to impact the clients business objectives. This is more important than buzzwords, technical jargon, and digital marketing scare tactics. Understanding brand positioning vs. sales, or the right mix of both, becomes one of the games in which we strive to be the best.


This starts with us tieing the data we see to human emotion, we are all human after all, and allowing that data to help smart marketing professionals make smart digital marketing decisions for our clients.


Our marketing success is built around several core values; interest (great creative), voice (emotional content), and follow-up (a sales funnel that is measurable). Sounds a lot like any basic conversation to me. Technology doesn’t force a person to engage, their interest does.


We love technology or we wouldn’t drink as much up as we do daily. Our minds operate in a different language than most marketers but that doesn’t mean you have to “mind meld” with us. You just need to see the peaks and valleys in the data to understand if your digital approach is working or not.


Truth be told, my mind does operate in 1’s and 0’s. Personally, it’s my favorite fault.