Here's Why Relying Solely On Marketing Automation Will Wreck Your Data-Driven Marketing

Author: Amy Romig on 03/15/2016

Data-Driven Marketing - a Difficult Priority to Attain.

While a lot of technology has caught up with the requirements of data collection, companies are struggling to understand the data and how to use it for best results. The hurdle lies within employee knowledge or lack thereof. Those at the top are often two steps behind the technology and leaning on legacy solutions they trust, while those in the trenches are racing to understand the technology, figuring out the cheapest way to analyze and use the data, and working to convince upper management of its value and ROI.

Many automated marketing solutions are cashing in on this struggle, playing on the fears of uninformed decision makers to bank on modern marketing. However, those in the trenches (tasked with using these automated services) quickly learn the solutions aren’t always flexible enough to meet the company’s needs

Where does that leave most companies? Well, according to Adobe’s Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2016 Digital Trends , 53% of companies surveyed said data-driven marketing was the number one priority


yet these same companies report that:

“data skills remain elusive, with 2016 seeing no improvement in the proportion of those organizations who have the analysts they need to make sense of their data: 38% in 2015 and 37% in 2016. Hiring these analysts can be met with budgetary and organizational challenges within companies, and a talent gap has existed in the industry for the last couple of years in the availability of analysts able to utilize the quantities of data available and draw actionable insights from it.”

Let’s face it, having a ton of data is thrilling! Data can provide an opportunity to pinpoint messages and talk to audiences in a way that they wish to be communicated with. When used correctly, data becomes action and that action becomes revenue.

But all that data can also become overwhelming. It takes the right people to keep your big picture in sight while analyzing the data and applying expertise to use the data in a way that meets the needs of your defined business goals. People who also recognize that all businesses and business goals are unique and require a unique digital lens, not a blanket/automated solution.

WiredViews knows data. We have experts and tools to analyze your data and help you make smart decisions about how to use it. Our sister company Segmint can step in and help when we have big data needs and both companies talk in a simple language that makes it easy for you to follow.


When data is translated into targeted content and delivered through the right vehicle, it becomes a customized and relevant customer experience. On the internet these customer experiences are immediate. We know digital, data-driven marketing is a path to success. We can show you.

If you’re in the majority of companies looking for data-driven marketing, we are a great place to start the conversation. Call us today at 330-475-1499.