Let Me Show You My Big Guns & How I Use Them

Author: Lyndsey Tyhosky on 05/15/2014

So the title of this article might sound a little pretentious. I honestly don’t have huge muscles. No one would pay very much for tickets to my gun show. I COULD totally hold my own in a fight with a boxing bag, but that’s a different story. The big guns that I’m referring to right now is Data.

We use data on a daily basis to help us understand exactly what our next steps should be for our clients. I hesitate to make any strategic decision without having some sort of information to back it up. I mean, hey, if the data backs our decision, then who is to say that we’re wrong? ;-)

While I’m not going to give you all of our secrets, I will show you how we use the data to help make strategic decisions for all of our clients and help them knock everyone else out.

So let’s say you work for a company trying to sell boxing supplies and you want to run an advertising campaign. We go through your data, perform research, including keyword research, to find some more data and put our brains together to determine that a paid search campaign through Google AdWords is the best route for you. We run the campaign for a month and here is the data we find for one of your adgroups.

Keyword Clicks Impressions CTR Conversions Conversion Rate Cost Cost/Conversion
Boxing Gloves 100 2,000 5% 5 5% $50 $10
Fighting Gloves 40 2,000 2% 10 25% $45 $4.50
Winning Boxing Gloves 40 2,000 2% 0 0.00% $20 $0.00

Glossary of AdWords definitions

We’ve got data! Awesome right? Now you’ve got the muscle part down. But you can’t win a fight by just having the big guns. What you need at this point is to learn how to use those big guns to throw a killer left hook that will knock the competition down.

So on first observation of this data, here is what I’m thinking:

  • We are getting a lot of traffic on the key term “boxing gloves”. Great! But we are barely getting any conversions and the key term is pretty costly since our cost/conversion is almost $10.
  • The terms “fighting gloves” is getting a significantly smaller amount of clicks, but it’s leading to a lot more conversions (look at those conversion rates!) and it’s costing us a lot less.
  • “Winning boxing gloves” just doesn’t look like it’s working. Its CTR is the same as “fighting gloves” but it’s leading to no conversions. People must not be finding the boxing gloves they want on our website when they type in this key term. The good thing to note is that it has a low cost per click so there wasn’t much money spent on this term.

Great, so let’s pause the term “winning boxing gloves” because it’s not working. Right?  Well, just to be safe we check a few other pieces of data from other resources and find this….

Keyword Bounce Rate Avg. Session Duration
Winning boxing gloves 20% 5:00

It looks like when people come to the website on this keyword, only 8 people leave right away (20% of the 40 visitors) and those that visit are spending 5 minutes on the website.

Since this counteracts my thoughts on this being a bad keyword, I look at few other places and determine that the term “winning boxing gloves” has acted as an assisted conversion 20 times. 20 times!! So although none of the visitors from this term converted on it, almost 70% of them converted at a later time through a different key term.

Looks like we should keep that keyword!

So this is what I mean by saying that you need to dig a little deeper (train a little harder) to be able to knock the competition down. I bet a lot of you have big guns, but do you know how to use them?

**Please note that this is made up data for the protection of our clients. It’s also important to note that we are not saying this exact example is a possible solution for every client.  Our approach changes based on goals.