5 SEO Myths That Need to Die

Author: Steve McLaughlin on 05/04/2015

1) SEO is Internet Witchcraft

     Over the years SEO has suffered from an identity crisis of sorts. Practitioners were at one time labeled as either wielding Black Hat techniques or What Hat techniques, thus provoking further ideas that SEO is some sort of magical process. These terms refer to techniques that include actions which are frowned upon or outright disallowed by Google for the former and actions which are beneficial and falling within recommended guidelines for the latter. And while there certainly are actions which fall distinctively in one camp or another, at the end of the day, there is very little dragon’s blood or eyes or newt incorporated into most tasks. The very heart of good SEO is the practice of the scientific method; asking questions, researching, hypothesizing, testing, analyzing data, drawing conclusions and adjusting when necessary. 

2) SEO Only Needs to be Performed Once

     Indeed, it is crucial to have your site optimized prior to its launch, but your website is going to be performing past the launch date right? If you want your site to be a relevant answer to future visitors' search queries, then it is best to remember that the best SEO efforts are ongoing processes that work best when given ample time to produce results. 

3) Keyword Density is Highly Important When Creating Content

     Keyword density was once given a cumbersome significance. Because of this, a plethora of mediocre content with a specific keyword density plagued the internet and still does in many ways. These pieces are easy to recognize due to the fact that they take very little effort to consume and do not offer anything of actual value to the reader. Creating great content in order to make your site a valuable resource in your industry is far more important than achieving that perfect keyword density. 

4) Metatags No Longer Matter

    How would you feel if someone told you that you no logner matter? Pretty lousy, right? Fortunately meta tags aren't as overly sensitive as you, and while certain elements of meta tags are no longer valued by search engines (such as that pesky keyword meta field) that doesn’t preclude all meta tags from having value. Title Tags and meta descriptions still fill the role of indicating to both users and robots crawling your site what the site itself is actually about, ensuring that they'll be a useful part of SEO for years to come. 

5) SEO is Cheap

     SEO can be performed for a relatively inexpensive fee or you can even do your own SEO, ensuring that the process will be even less of a financial burden. But it is important to remember that there are still other costs associated with these options. If you were to outsource your SEO to a company that makes grandiose claims at low low prices, it’s likely that the tactics employed will soon lose their value with pending updates to the search engine’s algorithms. Even if you decide to take the task on yourself, you’ll want to ask yourself how valuable your own time is. If you’re focusing on building your business, do you really want to spend 15-20 hours per month focusing solely on your SEO, or would it be of more value for you to oversee the areas of your business that you’re already an expert in? Having SEO performed cheaply and poorly on your site almost always offers more hazards then benefits.

What are some SEO myths that frustrate you? If you're considering how valuable SEO can be to your website, contact us today to start a discussion about what we can do for you.