How Digital Marketing is Essential to an Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Author: Amy Romig on 09/23/2015

First, what is this Account-Based Marketing (ABM) that everyone is buzzing about, and why should we care?  ABM is a marketing strategy that has historically been used in big B2B companies who target single accounts as a “market of one.” Recently, many smaller businesses are seeing the logic in ABM, and adopting its strategy.
We know the rule: 80% of revenue comes through 20% of customers/accounts. ABM marketing focuses on growing the 20%.  Instead of taking a mass-market, traditional marketing route, which can be slow and sometimes include a shotgun approach, ABM identifies and concentrates on high-value accounts whether they currently exist, or are on a prospect list. An ABM approach uses data and plans intelligently around account insights to deliver multi-channel messages to top tier prospects – what’s referred to as “rooftop reach.” In big B2B, a company like XEROX may strategically target all stakeholders of a fortune 500 firm with tailored messaging. This approach is scalable, and being done today at smart, smaller companies. How? Digital Marketing.
With today’s ability to purchase real-time ads combined with IP targeting, the right data can produce effective 1:1 online marketing. According to the latest “2015 State of Digital Marketing” report by, “only 29% of B2Bs have tried account-based marketing, but 95% of those who have consider it effective.”
Why the success? Digital marketing, done right, delivers tracking and measurement that allows you to tweak content and optimize your campaigns on the fly. And even though this may sound familiar if you have knowledge of, or are currently using, any marketing automation, it is important to know that ABM strategy does not crossover any automation. While marketing automation uses cookies to target (requiring prior engagement), ABM uses IP targeting (requiring no previous engagement.)
Whether ABM is a new concept, or you’ve been considering an ABM approach, consider this:
First, if you have a prospect list, take a closer look at it and create custom content that will speak directly to the account(s) you want the most. Consider a white paper, informative video, slide show or webinar that will illustrate your expertise directly to the decision makers and stakeholders of your targeted account.
And second, take advantage of ABM to nurture and grow your current accounts. Much like an email campaign, you can talk directly to your account through ABM strategy. This will keep your company top of mind, which will surely increase your partners’ share of budget and ultimately make it less expensive for you to maintain relationships than trying to win-back or establish new ones. You can also extend your message to division within your customer companies who aren’t currently using your services, expanding opportunity in these accounts.
WiredViews has the tools and know-how to help make your ABM approach a success. From real-time bidding within IP targeting, to content creation and campaign design that will drive engagement, WiredViews can help you be among the minority of companies tackling ABM and leading the way in growth through this new smart marketing technique.