How Shark Week Won Us Back

James Bischoff // 7.6.2015

It wasn’t all that long ago when Shark Week was actually in contention to be my ‘Favorite Week of the Year.’ I felt like everyone I knew was watching the same shows that week and that more importantly we all loved and learned from it. Slow motion shark ...

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How Sinful is Your Social Media Management?

James Bischoff // 3.31.2015

If you manage social media you know that the rules, best practices, targeting options, and available features of any given social media platform are subject to change with no real notice. There is a constant focus on the next, the better, and the newer. The importance of ...

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The Growth of a Digital Agency

Cory Finding // 3.19.2015

Twelve years is a long time in the world of digital marketing agencies. Some would say that the art of a digital agency is being in tune with your industry, living on the bleeding edge, making impactful attribution out of new technologies. Man, that even scares me. As ...

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Managing Scope Creepers

Larry Woods // 3.4.2015

Have you heard of scope creeping? If you haven’t yet, and you plan on working in with top digital marketing agencies or web development firms, understanding why scope creeping is an all too common occurrence in the digital world can greatly improve your ability to ...

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Facebook's Advertising Is All Grown Up, Are You?

Lyndsey Tyhosky // 2.6.2015

My first memory of Facebook was in the summer of 2005. My high school BFF nonchalantly told me she was going to use this thing called “Facebook”. I had no idea what she was talking about. She described it as “a yearbook for college” and explained ...

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Why Selecting The Right Digital Agency Is Important

Cory Finding // 12.19.2014

As a business your selling proposition is based on unique identifiers, proven success, and metrics among other things. If you have a sales funnel process, why wouldn’t your digital assets? If you are not viewing each of your digital marketing outlets as a funnel ...

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4 Steps to Making a Successful Website

Amy Romig // 11.25.2014

In a recent conversation with a friend (a very intelligent friend, I might add – just in case he reads this), I learned that even the smartest people have been tricked by DIY website companies and sites like GoDaddy who advertise that websites are simple and che ...

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