Why Selecting The Right Digital Agency Is Important

Cory Finding // 12.19.2014

As a business your selling proposition is based on unique identifiers, proven success, and metrics among other things. If you have a sales funnel process, why wouldn’t your digital assets? If you are not viewing each of your digital marketing outlets as a funnel ...

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4 Steps to Making a Successful Website

Amy Romig // 11.25.2014

In a recent conversation with a friend (a very intelligent friend, I might add – just in case he reads this), I learned that even the smartest people have been tricked by DIY website companies and sites like GoDaddy who advertise that websites are simple and che ...

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7 Tips on Preparing for Successful Holiday E-commerce Sales

Cory Finding // 11.18.2014

Preparing for successful holiday e-commerce sales is critical for small businesses in 2014. The amount of web properties that the public can consume grows exponentially everyday. Using simple but effective low cost digital marketing solutions will help potential custo ...

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#Instagram Best Practices 2014

Colleen Kline // 10.30.2014

Instagram. It’s not just for selfies anymore!

But seriously, Instagram has become my very favorite form of social media. Not only is it super fun and easy to use, it’s as inspirational for me as Pinterest once was!

When I first download ...

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Giving Props to Your Co-Workers

Larry Woods // 10.13.2014

Building positive working relationships with your colleague is important, but spending 40 plus hours a week, every week, with the same people isn’t always easy. With the ups and downs that can come with the daily grind there’s bound to be some internal con ...

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Am I Pretty?

James Bischoff // 10.2.2014

I have made it a habit to write down ideas for blogs when they come to me so that when it comes to ‘blog time’ I can just refer to my list and pull out a topic that interested me or caught my attention but I simply didn’t have time (or lets be honest ...

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Attention Managers: Work-life Integration a Must!

Amy Romig // 6.4.2014

Soon, the largest part of the American workforce, and some of the most talented, will be the 20 and 30-year-old Millennials/Generation Y. In fact by 2020 40% of the total working population will be Gen Yers. It’s time for managers to recognize that Gen Yers won&rsq ...

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Being a Well Rounded Web Developer has its Advantages

Sean Wright // 5.27.2014

All software developers are proficient in at least one programming language with knowledge and experience ranging from those who are just out of college to the mastery of the languages’ creators. But there is only so much time in a day and most of us must make a ...

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Let Me Show You My Big Guns & How I Use Them

Lyndsey Tyhosky // 5.15.2014

So the title of this article might sound a little pretentious. I honestly don’t have huge muscles. No one would pay very much for tickets to my gun show. I COULD totally hold my own in a fight with a boxing bag, but that’s a different story. The big guns t ...

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