I Was Going To Post This On Facebook - But I Want You To See It

James Bischoff // 5.2.2014

It started slowly, with minor declines in reach. You assumed it was, simply, the result of content that missed your target market. Not the end of the world, you adjusted, you verified your insights, and you double-checked your target demographics and optimal post stra ...

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Efficient & Effective Meetings

Larry Woods // 4.29.2014

Meetings can be somewhat of a double-edged sword: you have to get everyone on the same page in order to deliver a quality product and hit deadlines, but with a seemingly endless parade of meetings filling up our calendars throughout the week it's easy for particip ...

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"So, what do you do for a living?"

Steve McLaughlin // 4.23.2014

When I worked in the education field this was a really simple question to answer.

I'm a PE teacher I'd invariably answer. While my career in education was a short-lived and rewarding journey, it was also incredibly straightforward. That short sentenc ...

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Building a Website? Here's Why You Need a Digital Agency.

Amy Romig // 4.23.2014

Full service, “traditional,” ad agencies may claim to have the capabilities to build and support websites, but they rarely do. Sure, most have designers who can design the hell out of a site, but much like any other marketing tool, what good is an ineffect ...

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Client Relationship Management : Managing Client Expectations

Larry Woods // 4.15.2014

Managing client expectations is as essential to the success of the client relationship as delivering exceptional work and being an industry expert. Managing client expectations is also many other things, challenging, rewarding, a quandary, common sense, and the list c ...

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Responsive Web Design Isn’t An Option, It’s a Standard

Justin Conklin // 3.3.2014

When the web first started, serving up websites to desktop PCs and laptops was a one way approach. Screen resolutions varied, however the margin of variation was not great enough to hinder the user experience. Nowadays, the different resolutions tapping into the web c ...

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Your Social Media Tramp Stamp

James Bischoff // 3.1.2014

Let me preface this blog by stating that it is my first. That being said, it is very important to me that it a) is high quality work b) reflects who I am c) has personal meaning to me in some way.

Now, I acknowledge that you may or may not have a blog. You m ...

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