Is It Time to Update Your Business' Website?

June 17, 2016

1. Is it mobile friendly/responsive?
If not, read no further. You need a new website. Did you know that 60% of the internet is accessed by a mobile device? In 2014, 57% of website visitors surveyed would not recommend a website that was not mobile friendly (and that was 2 years ago!) Last year mobile marketing made companies over $400 billion in the US alone. Are you seeing any of that profit?

Marzetti Home Page Comparison

2. Does it capture engagement with solid design and UX?
There are blogs and websites dedicated to finding and sharing the ugliest sites on the Internet. If you fear your website may land on a page like this, you are ready for an upgrade. A well designed site will keep your audience engaged, help keep your bounce rate low, and allow you to pass along the information and inspire the call to action you desire. Companies with good modern designed sites and apps with solid UX meet their objectives and see results.

3. Does it sync with your marketing plan?
Is your website built to echo your sales funnel (taking an audience from awareness to advocacy)? Does it reflect every aspect of your brand? If not, your site is not aligning with your marketing objectives and you’re in need of an upgrade. Websites built to engage an audience and lead them towards a stronger relationship with your brand are websites that are built on a foundation of understanding who, what and how you’re trying to sell.

4. Is it easy for you to update?
The key word to this question is “you.” A lot of companies depend on the agency who built their website to update the content. This costs time and money. When you have access to your site, and a good content management system (CMS) like Kentico, you can keep up your own content. And we all know content marketing is the best way to get new customers. Are you keeping your content fresh? Are you working with a good CMS or a team of expert developers that understand your business goals If not – it’s time you should.

5. Does it load quickly?
Load time is a huge factor in whether someone will stay or leave your site. Every second it takes your site to load, you lose more and more viewers. 3% will jump off if your site doesn’t load in under 1 second. 16% are gone if it doesn’t load in 1-5 seconds, and 30% if it takes 6-11 seconds. How long does it take your current site to load? If your load time is long, you should rethink your website.

6. Does it capture your culture and differentiate you from competition
Finally, are you considering the fact that your website is the digital face of your company? Is your site representing your company culture and attracting great future employees? Your site should reflect your company’s personality, and what you stand for. It should also set you apart and allow you to stand out amongst your competition. Do you have a unique selling proposition (USP) and are you making it easy for your audience to see and understand it? If your site isn’t currently making you stand out, don’t you think it should?

It’s time.
If you answered NO to any of the questions above, you have a good reason to pull the trigger on a new website. Let us get you started, connect with us today.