WiredViews celebrates 20 years!

March 22, 2022

There’s nothing quite like an anniversary to get all nostalgic.

Since our founding in 2002, WiredViews has evolved in a significant way. We launched our agency with a few core services at a small storefront on West Avenue in Tallmadge, Ohio. Today, we’ve grown into a full-service digital marketing agency focused on helping our clients both evolve in a digital-first world and create interactive experiences for impactful results.

We call it connecting the dots. And we’ve been doing it from Northeast Ohio for 20 years.

Rob Heiser

Founder & Chairperson

“I have always believed that planting a seed is a worthy investment and a noble cause. I have also found that an idea is very much like a seed. It must be planted and nurtured with vision, integrity, and hard work to help it grow to its full potential. I am very proud of the seed that became WiredViews, and even more so, the people that make it what it is today.

“WiredViews continues to be an organization that proudly serves our community, our partners, and of course our customers around the world, from right here in our Ohio-based headquarters. I look forward to the next 20 years and beyond, as we continue to nurture our little seed of an idea and make it scale.”

WiredViews has evolved as consumer needs have shifted online over the past two decades. Where we were once a shop focused primarily on developing websites, our attention has shifted to a more holistic approach. We design and create digital experiences and campaigns that are integrated across every stage of the customer journey. We support our clients where they need it most: with proven strategies that drive conversions through every stage of the funnel.

We’re a team of proven digital marketers and professionals that represent brands across the globe, but we still have a soft spot for the brands and businesses that call Northeast Ohio home. Our headquarters are in the heart of Cuyahoga Falls—and we don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future.

To that end, we’ve tapped Sean Rieger to help lead our organization into the next chapter of our history. Rieger, an Ohio native, joined our team in July 2020 to lead our integrated marketing initiatives and now assumes the role of President. Rieger’s background includes global brands such as Honeywell, Rice University, and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he got his start in Kent, Ohio. In fact, he actually designed our agency’s first logo back in 2002.

Sean Rieger


“It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago, as a brash, young designer/developer, I was unknowingly contributing to an organization that would grow into what it is today. As I hand-brushed the strokes of our signature 'WV' in a deep blue and black, I was unaware of the potential in front of me.

“The potential to grow. The potential to run in front of the technology that was changing faster than the speed of light. The ability of our team to anticipate 'what’s next' and push forward with resilience and determination. The ability to 'connect the dots' between cutting-edge strategies, platforms, and technologies to forge nothing less than stellar results for our customers. The potential to change the world around us.

“In the agency world, there are only the quick and the dead, and one’s organization doesn’t get to 20 years without falling squarely in the former. It’s about facing the future and adapting to it in real-time while helping customers reap the rewards of striking while the iron is hot.

“So it seems almost unreal that 20 years later, I would have the honor of returning to WiredViews in order to serve one of the most talented teams that I’ve ever known. Again looking forward to the next 20 years and beyond. With the sooner-than-later inevitability of true accessibility, augmented reality, virtual reality, the internet of things, privacy-based initiatives, and omnichannel customer experiences, change is only continuing to accelerate…but as a part of an organization ripe with talent, drive, and amazing creativity, I can say with confidence that we’re ready for it.

“Did I see all of that coming when I designed that very first logo? Not even close. (Especially how dated the Copperplate Gothic font would eventually be, but change is constant.) So here’s to celebrating an amazing 20 years of serving the world's top brands, and here’s to what comes next. May it challenge us and drive us to continue to do great things for the stellar organizations that we serve.”

Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be taking a look back at where we were in 2002 and how we’ve grown with our clients. But we’ll also have an eye on what’s coming next. After 20 years, we’re well-positioned to navigate the changing digital landscape and deliver at the highest level for our clients.

First WV logo
Next logo iteration
2010 logo gets more color
Fourth and present WV logo

Let’s connect the dots together.