How Customized Emails Affect Your Conversion Rate

July 7, 2022

E-mail customization is a digital marketing strategy that uses consumer data to produce highly targeted emails based on the information you already know about your subscribers. By personalizing the material, you may cater to the specific needs of your members by taking into account details like their name, birthday, location, interests, most recent purchases, and more. But how effective are customized emails?

Are Customized Emails Worth the Effort?

Numerous statistics support the personalization of email and digital marketing campaigns. Experian Marketing Services estimates that personalized emails generate nearly six times more transactions than bulk emails. Email customization, in essence, can:

1. Make the subject line for an email stand out in the inbox as extremely relevant, personalized content.
2. Boost the chances that an email will be opened and clicked on.
3. Improve customer experiences by sending the appropriate material to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time.

How Does Customization Improve Conversion?

If you are wondering how customization boosts sales, the following are some examples of how automation and customization improve conversion results.

Customization Caters to Customer Wants

Of all forms of marketing, email marketing has the best conversion rate. The typical ROI for each dollar spent on email marketing is $38. However, buyers must be interested in your brand to achieve this type of return on investment. You must understand what your subscribers want and deliver it to them if you want them to pay attention. With marketing automation, you can provide subscribers with precisely what they're telling you they want while also having better success since you're employing tried-and-true techniques based on data and consumer behaviors.

Increased Relevancy Leads to Conversion

Customization allows you to send hyper-targeted emails using customer data. Additionally, you can alter each of these emails to make them more effective. According to Venture Beat, using customized strategies has increased the success of marketing campaigns for 70 - 94% of marketers. Your prospects of boosting sales are better the more pertinent your emails are.

Personalization Makes Customers Special

Customers tend to do business with brands that make them feel extra special for patronage. Customized emails play a role in this since they influence customers' purchasing decisions. The subject line of a customer appreciation day email personalized with the subscriber's name illustrates an efficient, personalized email. Customers feel appreciated and acknowledged as a result.

Businesses and marketers looking for smart marketing options should adopt customized emails. The rise of automation tools makes it easy to tailor and schedule these emails. Thinking of adding customized emails as a part of your digital marketing strategy? Contact us today.