Incorporating Videos in Your Business’s Website

April 18, 2023

Making your website stand out matters in a world moving further into the digital realm. Thankfully, comprehensive digital marketing includes multiple facets, such as content creation and video making, to help your firm stand out. Videos, in particular, work well in today's fast-moving age. That said, you must integrate them on your page intelligently and with purpose.

Use Videos With a Purpose

Each video you upload to your site should have a specific purpose and goal. What message are you sending with a video? You typically want to communicate expertise and relevance. Keep each video straightforward and showcase your knowledge in engaging ways.

Appeal to Consumer Emotions

While many claim that they see through the emotional content in advertising, our research says otherwise. According to the University of Southern California, 31% of emotion-based ads get engagement compared to 16% of rationality-based ads. As a result, your videos should appeal to your customers' emotions whenever possible. The content can be funny or sentimental, but know what reactions you want to elicit before filming.

Research What Works for Others

If your competitors' videos get better views or engagement rates than yours, watch them repeatedly. See what makes them work compared to yours, such as better production quality or more effective emotional appeals. You can then talk with your digital marketing team to focus your videos on similar tactics. Never copy your competitors, but use similar concepts that can help you achieve comparable video viewing results.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Now, we've all seen those "wacky cat moment" videos on YouTube and their insane viewer numbers. While it would be nice to match that engagement, you should focus on higher-quality videos for your site. Spam is stale and out of style, and spamming videos will only impact your content score. Use them sparingly and make them as professional as possible to improve engagement rates.

The best digital marketing firms can help you add videos to your website using these simple guidelines. You should work with a professional team that puts in the necessary effort to make your videos truly stand out. Call WiredViews today to learn more about our services. Our professionals fully understand digital marketing and are ready to help you plan your marketing journey.