Building a brand from startup to acquisition

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About Segmint

Segmint is the world’s leader in transforming transaction data into meaningful insights so that financial institutions can deepen relationships with customers.

The Challenge

Founded in 2008, Segmint sought to quickly establish itself as an industry leader. We partnered with Segmint from the start, taking on the challenge of developing a full brand strategy, the design of the marketing website and sales collateral. From there, we developed SEO and PPC campaigns to build awareness and leads. Ultimately, our goal was to establish Segmint as the top platform in its class with a look and feel that complemented its innovative product.

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The Results

Alkami aquires Segmint
71% Organic Growth
3.36 Percent PPC Conversion Rate

How We Achieved This

WiredViews created a brand and digital experience from the ground up, highlighting the benefits of the platform and showcasing how the product addresses the specific needs of financial institutions. Like any project we tackle, we identified the buyer’s journey to inform the UX approach of the website and determined what Segmint’s customers valued from the awareness stage to purchase. We also ensured that the brand experience was translated across numerous channels, developing a consistent and beautiful design for everything from digital ads to coffee mugs.

Nearly 15 years after partnering with us, Segmint attracted the attention of Alkami Technology, a cloud-based digital banking solutions provider. Alkami acquired Segmint in March 2022 for $135.5 million.

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Segmint landing page for Customer Insights
Marketing automation website - Segmint
Segmint landing page for Merchant Payment Cleansing
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