K-12 Charter School Reduces Acquisition Costs by Over 50% with WiredViews.

OHDELA // Published on 01.15.2015

The Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy, OHDELA, began in 2001 as a program that takes your typical home school program and transforms it into a unique online learning experience for grades K-12. Education with OHDELA is 100% tuition-free and includes everything a student needs to learn in the comfort and safety of their own home, including a free laptop, live teachers, reimbursement for activities, supplies, and social activities. While they were successfully enrolling 100s of students each year online, OHDELA kept a close eye on its acquisition costs, and in 2011 employed WiredViews to help reduce these costs. The partnership proved successful with acquisition costs being cut in half.

A Fresh Look

OHDELA also recognized that in order to attract new parents and students, it needed to redesign its current website with a clear call-to-action, consistent branding and a unique look that would best promote OHDELA to its target market. WiredViews helped realize this need with the creation of a new brand identity, and a mobile-friendly site to showcase it.

The new layout took into consideration the user experience of visitors, as well as SEO best practices, and made the collection of information and callouts prominent to assist with lead counts.

Optimizing for Search Engines

Working closely with OHDELA, WiredViews researched the education industry, examined patterns and trends, and optimized the new website for top performance in search engines. Unique metadata was written for each page using niche terms when possible, and all content was written and/or reworked in order to include these terms. Work was performed on the website monthly to ensure that the best SEO practices were being used on the site and strategies were adjusted based on changes in search algorithms.

With these changes, WiredViews created consistent tracking to allow for the measurement of all online activity to the website. In the first year alone, WiredViews’ SEO work provided OHDELA a 20x increase in organic traffic.

Online Media

With competitors spending upwards of $100k a month on Google AdWords campaigns alone, OHDELA & WiredViews knew there was success to be achieved by marketing online. The first step to this success was adjusting OHDELA’s lead forms, creating short forms that made it easy for interested families to get information and enroll quickly. This decision created an immediate increase in leads.

After seeing a substantial return on investment in the first few months, OHDELA saw the large opportunity for its industry online, and began using online marketing as its main lead source. Additional budgets were placed in various marketing methods including display advertisements, retargeting, YouTube pre-roll, Facebook advertising, and other various social marketing tactics to create a full online presence and marketing plan.

Since the start of the campaign in 2011, WiredViews has helped deliver well over 17,000 enrollments through SEM alone. The OHDELA/WiredViews partnership was also able to reduce acquisition cost by over 50%.

Getting Social

To achieve a balanced online presence, OHDELA asked WiredViews to collaborate on its Social Media as well. WiredViews began by optimizing OHDELA’s social media content through a high quality of mixed media, engaging with individual followers, initiating group conversation, and running paid campaigns to increase brand awareness and reach. These social media activities doubled Twitter followers, and created a 16x increase in Facebook followers.

These tactics increased engaged users per post by 4x after 1 year.

WiredViews’ collaboration with OHDELA through social has helped fill the “social void” that virtual schools have a reputation for, by creating an engaged social community. Some of the tactical strategy that achieved this success were contests, event promotions, and even a virtual talent show! These tactics increased engaged users per post by 4x after 1 year.

Based on the success of Facebook and Twitter, OHDELA and WiredViews added additional social platforms that would reach OHDELA’s market, including Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube optimization.

From this, WiredViews was able to create a positive social presence for OHDELA, and an almost 6x increase in website traffic.

There’s More!

Throughout the course of our relationship, we didn’t just stop when our job was complete. WiredViews’ partnership with OHDELA meant assisting with marketing across the board by offering consistent brand support through design, development, print and more.

Whether you are in the education industry or from a different sector, WiredViews can help customize a plan that will yield results. Contact us for more information on how we can help you.