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Founded in 2007, Zelman & Associates, is led by Hall of Fame Analyst Ivy Zelman, who is widely respected for her unbiased, in-depth research, insightful analysis, and actionable advice about the housing market and related sectors. Zelman & Associates engaged with WiredViews in February of 2019 in an effort to transform their digital footprint.

Zelman & Associates had an existing website which housed their proprietary research pdf library but was limited by their existing technology. After a two-month discovery, WiredViews worked with Zelman & Associates to create a technical roadmap that aligned with their business strategy by outlining current business processes, and then collaborated with Zelman & Associates to blueprint future business processes. 

The website was transformed, allowing Zelman to sell their products more intelligently while delivering a search experience users expect in 2020 by integrating Microsoft’s Azure search platform. Additionally, WiredViews worked closely with Zelman’s marketing team, and a third-party CRM team to create custom integrations between Act-On, Microsoft Dynamics, and Kentico that modeled internal business processes created during the discovery phase. These integrations allow Sales Reps and Account Managers full access to manage the user base, product access, subscription renewals, and much more all from within their familiar CRM system.

Zelman Project Details

  • discovery that lead to a new way to sell products
  • increased search capabilities and user experience (UX)
  • built website on a robust CMS (Kentico) making it accessible to team
  • created custome intergrated with third-party apps that molded internal business processes

before + after

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