Long-Tail Keywords Are Rising: Here's How to Use Them

January 8, 2022

According to statistics from January 2020, over 95% of searches were performed using long-tail keywords, meaning four or more words were searched. The days of using a couple of short keywords and ranking on the first page are slowly starting to go away. If you're new to using long-tail keywords, here are some helpful tips.

Updating Old Content

As you learn how to use long-tail keywords, it's important to update outdated content. Outdated content typically consists of outdated strategies, and you want all of your articles to rank well, not just the new ones. Hiring a digital marketing agency for this task is ideal. They can re-vamp your old content to help optimize it properly. Then, you can decide if you would like to continue working with the digital marketing agency in the future.

Use Long-Tail Keywords in Headings

Putting keywords in headings is a great SEO tip. It's particularly helpful if you're using long-tail keywords, because these are long enough that you can use them as the heading itself.

Include FAQ

Many blogs are starting to include a frequently asked question section at the end of the blog. These sections are a prime area to include long-tail keywords. Simply use the keyword to phrase a question or research commonly asked questions on the topic.

Re-State the Heading or Question

Some long-tail keywords don't flow well with other sentences. You can include more of them in your content by using rewriting them in various forms like a heading or a question.

Key Sentences

Key sentence phrases can instantly help you include long-tail keywords. A wonderful sentence begins with “if you're wondering…” For example, take the long tail keyword “how to build a campfire.” Then, include this in content by writing “if you're wondering how to build a campfire, this blog is for you.” It's a solid way to include a long-tail keyword at the beginning of any piece of content.

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