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The Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy, OHDELA, is a K-12 tuition-free, virtual school. WiredViews partnered with OHDELA in 2011 to increase online enrollment, and decrease cost per acquisition. Read our case to see the results in detail.

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Angular Tips: Global access to route params

If you are building an Angular application using the Angular Router your routes might have a complex structure and include child routes. Angular provides access to route information inside each com...

Sean Wright on 2.3.2017


The only week of the year we have 3 birthdays to celebrate deserves something special! Not to mention we have an employee who never had a Galley Boy!


Chili Cookoff here @wiredviewsinc for the 4th Foodie Challenge! #chilicookoff #reaperchili #cantstandtheheat



When the world’s largest global provider of banking and payment technologies asks you to promote their autonomous, transaction-based, data-driven Pinpoint Marketing product, you build an animated video to tell the story. At least that’s what WiredViews did. Take a look.

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