Custom Web Applications

No business runs on a single system, and often, connecting the dots between multiple platforms to create a seamless customer experience can be the key to success. Our ability to streamline your back-end business processes allows your organization to run more efficiently and drives down your cost to operate.

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Wait, Web application? What is that?

A Web application is very different from your typical website. A website is built to deliver information. Web applications on the other hand, are created to foster interactions between a person and a database, a person and a group of people, a service to a service, and so forth. They are far more complex than websites and integrate with more external systems.

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Examples of Web Applications

We've built all sorts of these web applications both big and small. 

An online system to interact with your financial institution

A system to connect delivery drivers with people receiving packages

A tool to manage people or projects

An online catalog

A loan application or other online forms

Online ticket sales

An online restaurant reservation system

A Request for Quote configurator

A social network like Instagram or Twitter

Software to manage subscriptions to an app.

Systems Integration

Do you have multiple systems that all require manual entry? Are you tired of hearing your team struggle to track data across multiple platforms? Let us connect them for you, saving a ton of time and money.

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Website <-> ERP

WiredViews connects clients' eCommerce sites with their internal ERP systems to create efficient internal business processes. Now your customer can get automated shipping emails with tracking codes generated in your ERP with no hands-on interaction.

Website <-> CRM

Bridge the gap between marketing and sales. We can integrate your website to your CRM enabling your sales reps to gain insights on leads, manipulate website data, approve, update and delete users, assign access to online products, new roles, and view which marketing campaign led to their conversion.

Systems Development

Sometimes it’s more efficient and or effective to write a custom application from scratch. If you’ve got a highly-specialized need we can help. Let our experienced system designers and developers take your ideas and make them a reality. Some examples of systems we’ve built are:

  • Line of Business Applications
  • Accounting Reconciliation Systems
  • Pricing/Quoting Applications
  • Intranet/Extranet Design & Development
  • ROI and other Calculators
  • Reporting Dashboards
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Not even sure where to start? We get it. Sometimes the stack you’ve come to rely upon is so complicated and unwieldy that there’s not even a clear path to specify what you need. We can help you find a path that makes sense. Our team has consulted with some of the worlds best brands on items like:

  • Application Audits and Recommendations
  • Website audits and Recommendations.
  • IT Architecture - Taxonomy & digital
  • Azure dev-ops: Iterations, development, testing, and launch

So how do I work with WiredViews?

Simply fill out the form below, and we'll reach out to you with some questions to see if we're a good fit with what you are looking to do, and then we'll schedule a free consultation to dial in on the project so we can get you a proposal. We're looking forward to meeting you!