Mobile vs. Desktop Traffic

July 7, 2022

According to Deals Insight, the average person spends at least 4 hours daily on their device. This is enough time to push and market any brand. With that in mind, any marketing agency should consider investing in and spending more time developing mobile-friendly websites. Let's look at why.

Improves User Experience

Mobile-friendly websites are instrumental in enhancing user experience, generally adapting to any screen size without changing the structure of the text and graphics and making it easy for visitors to analyze the information provided on the site. It also allows you to better understand user behavior, which makes it easy to attract new customers.

Increases Time Spent On the Site

People are likely to spend more time on a well-planned and organized website than one that is hard to navigate. This can be seen on responsive websites, which are very definite and straightforward.

Quick Website Loading Speed

The HTML coding on mobile websites is developed to accommodate other devices. This makes loading faster, a major factor considered by marketing agencies. Longer waiting periods lead to users abandoning the site, a common occurrence on desktop websites.

Exceptional Brand Visibility

Marketing agencies consider brand visibility to be an important factor in their campaigns. A mobile-friendly website can display important brand information like address, logo, name, and contact in a visually appealing way. By doing this, clients will easily be able to reach out to you.

Reducing Pop-ups

Mobile websites have fewer pop-ups, which can be annoying and distract from the main site. This can confuse users and lead to the loss of potential clients, as they can get preoccupied with an interesting pop-up or annoyed at the continued interruption and leave completely.

SEO Friendly

A mobile-friendly website is easy to find and improves your appearance on search engines. A marketing agency should strongly consider this, as mobile-responsive websites are highly favored by the Google algorithm.

With all these advantages in mind, your marketing agency should consider adopting a mobile-friendly website. For information about and help developing a responsive website, give our experts a call today.