How Facebook Can Increase Your Business Revenue

November 28, 2022

Facebook has been one of the most powerful digital marketing tools to come online. According to Statista, as of the beginning of 2021, Facebook is the most used platform for digital marketers. Facebook gets results, and an experienced advertising agency will understand the need for a strong marketing strategy that includes social media optimization. 


It Gets Your Brand Recognized


It's no secret that Facebook can help build your brand recognition. Target audience members can easily engage with your business via Facebook. Once they like and follow your page, your brand becomes a part of their news feed. Anyone that the user is friends with on Facebook can see information about your brand. News of your brand can spread organically on social media, which in turn drives more leads and conversions.


It Keeps Marketing Costs in Check


The right SEO company can help you to use Facebook and other channels at a reasonable price. Paid ads on Facebook can be very affordable, and more importantly, there's a lot of space to attract organic traffic to your business. Using social media to its full advantage can help to rein in marketing costs significantly.


It Can Help Increase Online Sales


According to data from UpSell, 65% of Facebook users report they've made a purchase in the last six months based on something they've seen on Facebook. When you consider that 2.8 billion people are on Facebook, this is a tremendous number of people buying products and services. You can get your piece of the pie by using Facebook as part of your marketing arsenal.


It Engages Your Audience


A recent survey found that consumers prefer to engage with brands via social media. According to, two-thirds of consumers report they expect a brand to respond to their questions via social media. Facebook and other social media channels are a great way to get to know your target audience better and help them understand your brand more fully.


Making Facebook work for your business starts by connecting with a digital marketing agency that focuses on SMO. Schedule a free consultation with WiredViews today to learn more about how we can improve your brand's online presence.