Why Your Small Business Should Use Google Analytics

November 21, 2022

Google is a key player in SEO marketing. According to Statista, it accounts for 92% of the market share as of June 2021, effectively dominating the market for search engines. This makes Google Analytics an important resource every small business owner should consider. 


It Gives You Real-time Marketing Channel Information


Any good SEO company will use Google Analytics to develop strategies and better understand which marketing channels drive their website traffic. Knowing where your traffic is coming from is key to developing an effective marketing strategy that drives the most users to your website. For example, Google Analytics can show you whether more traffic is coming from social media channels or organic searches. Information like this is crucial to successful marketing.


It Provides Demographic Information and More


Making your marketing more personal starts with fully understanding the demographics of your visitors. Any good SEO company will confirm that accurate demographics translate into conversions, as they can provide a wealth of knowledge about your target audience. In addition to providing you with basic information about the people who visit your website, Google Analytics will also show you the times and days of the week when your website gets the most traffic. Data is gold when it comes to marketing, and the more you can collect and evaluate, the higher the return will be on your efforts.

It Provides Information About Individual Pages On Your Site

Google Analytics not only tells you where your traffic comes from and what the demographics of your audience are, but also which pages on your site are being visited most frequently. Knowing what visitors are looking for when they come to your website can help you to adjust your marketing plan to attract more visitors. Google Analytics will report on what pages are visited and how long visitors stay on the page.


If you're not yet using Google Analytics for your small business, you should definitely start. Connecting with a professional SEO company can help you take advantage of the service without any extra work on your end. This is an easy solution to get more from your marketing. To take advantage of the benefits that Google Analytics delivers, let WiredViews assist your business in digital marketing.