4 Ways to Help Your Website Rank Better on Google

September 22, 2023

It goes without saying that businesses have a lot of competition on the Internet. According to Statista, there are around 1.8 billion websites out there for your company to compete with for the top spot on Google. That’s why any business must understand the value of search engine optimization. With a proper web strategy, you'll see your website rank among the top pages of Google. Here are some ways to improve your search ranking.

Focus on Good Content

Have you ever been frustrated after coming across obvious clickbait? Imagine what would happen if you did that to potential clients. As a business, it's best to focus on creating engaging content that’s unique and provides value to your target audience. You want something that answers people's questions and solves problems. By providing this type of content regularly, you’re likely to see your search ranking climb.

Do Keyword Research

When people go online, they often put various keywords or keyword phrases into the search engine. By finding out what these popular keywords and phrases are, you can then incorporate them into your web postings and metadata. Use the keywords in your main content, alt tags, and social media blurbs to start your search engine optimization strategy on the right foot.

Optimize Your Site Speed

Did you know that the average web user only waits up to seven seconds before clicking away from a website taking too long to load? If you have a slow website, you could easily lose potential clients to competitors. Optimized web performance is part of a good user experience that people have come to expect. So, if you're using tons of media on your site, reduce the size of those items as much as possible while maintaining their quality. Find a reliable web host that conducts the right updates and adds plugins accordingly, too, to further optimize your site's speed.

Monitor Results

Continuously analyze the traffic to make sure you're getting the results you need. The right tools can note how long people spend on your web page, where traffic comes from, and when it bounces off. From there, you can adjust your editorial calendar to ensure your website has relevant content.

Don't let your professional website go to waste. When you hire the right SEO marketing team to promote your business, you'll have professionals who can handle all of these services. For more information, contact our team at WiredViews today.