Avoid These 3 Common Web Design Pitfalls

November 15, 2023

Your website acts as the online representation of your company or brand, which makes building it an exciting prospect. However, it's important to consider some pitfalls that may affect the success of your website in the midst of your creativity and enthusiasm. Let’s talk about three common errors to avoid when creating a website.


Not Optimizing for Mobile

Neglecting mobile optimization is a web design sin in today's mobile-centric environment. Your website must be entirely responsive, because an increasing number of consumers are visiting websites from smartphones and tablets.


Designing solely for desktop without taking into account how the site will work on smaller displays is a mistake. Mobile users may become frustrated and have a disconnected experience as a result, which may cause them to leave your site and cost you business.


Adopt a "mobile-first" strategy to ensure mobile friendliness. Design initially for small screens, then enlarge for bigger ones. To ensure a seamless experience across all platforms, make adaptable design components like flexible grids, images, and media queries a top priority.


Overlooking Page Speed Optimization

Users have limited patience for websites that take a long time to load in today’s fast-paced digital environment. User experience and subsequently search engine rankings are directly impacted by page speed. High bounce rates and lower conversion rates can result from neglecting page speed improvement.


One common mistake that falls under the speed category is failing to optimize images and multimedia content. Page load times can be greatly slowed down by large, uncompressed images. Without losing quality, image compression and the use of the right file formats can significantly speed up page load times.


In addition, some may not realize the effects of excessive plugins, scripts, and widgets. These components may increase functionality, but they can add weight to your website. Perform a regular audit of your site's performance and get rid of any extraneous components that might be slowing it down.


Methods to improve page speed include using content delivery networks (CDNs), reducing HTTP queries, and making use of browser caching. Utilizing tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to analyze the speed of your website on a regular basis can yield insightful optimization data.


Ignoring User Experience (UX) and Navigation

A website's effectiveness depends on how easy and intuitive it is for users to navigate. Visitors may become frustrated if UX and navigation are neglected, which will ultimately cause them to leave your site.


Adding too many items and details to the page is another common mistake. Although it's crucial to include pertinent content, a layout that's too crowded can confuse users and make it harder for them to find what they're looking for. Utilize simple, orderly designs with obvious calls-to-action and simple navigation options.


Failure to optimize for accessibility is another mistake. It is not only morally right but also often required by law to make sure that users with impairments can access your website. In order to create an inclusive user experience, it’s crucial to use informative headlines, provide alternate language for images, and make sure the color contrast is appropriate.


Additionally, refrain from prioritizing aesthetics at the expense of functionality. Although complex design features and flashy animations can be visually appealing, they shouldn't impair the site's usability or increase page load times.


Website design is a dynamic process that calls for careful consideration of a range of elements, including user experience, page performance, and mobile optimization. You'll be well on your way to building a website that not only looks fantastic but also provides a seamless, engaging experience for your visitors if you stay clear of these frequent mistakes.

Katie Lawton is a Marketing Client Manager at WiredViews. She communicates with clients on a daily basis, develops marketing strategies, and manages projects for the WV team.

She loves to go running in the wee hours of the morning, walk her dog, Gizmo, watch horror movies (The Shining is her favorite), and check out the latest restaurants in Cuyahoga Falls.