3 PPC Mistakes to Avoid

December 4, 2023

Online marketing is important for any size business that wants to reach more relevant consumers and grow. According to WebFX, about two-thirds of small- to mid-sized businesses use pay-per-click advertising to promote their goods and services. They do so by creating advertising accounts on search engines like Google and bidding on keywords to promote their websites, goods, and services. Every time someone clicks a link to the website, the marketer pays a fee, so it's important to be aware of these three PPC mistakes.


Not Optimizing PPC Campaigns


It's not viable to simply create a pay-per-click advertising campaign, fund it, and then forget about it while expecting good results. You'll have to manage it by optimizing your keywords, content, and tactics so that you can create a truly productive marketing campaign. Ignoring the process once it has started and neglecting to adapt the elements that aren't working will cause waste and greatly increase your expenses. It might even make the campaign lose money.


Linking to Bad Content


Guessing the keywords to use can waste time and money. Ensure the terms you settle on are relevant to your business and the content that you're linking to. For example, you wouldn't want to use keywords for dental care unless your business involves dental care. The content must also reference the keyword at least a couple of times so the Google algorithms that rank sites and determine costs will look favorably upon your website.


Not Fully Tracking Results


Pay attention to more than basic tracking results on Google accounts to make them work well. Impressions and clicks are great, but conversion percentages, when people are accessing your site, and which geographic locations are seeing the most activity are important metrics to understand. Use these and the many other types of data that you can get via tracking to finely tune your PPC marketing campaigns.


Pay-per-click can be easy when you have a team of marketing experts on your side. Contact WiredViews today to learn more about our digital marketing services and how we can help you maximize your digital marketing efforts.