Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2024

December 6, 2023

As we stand on the brink of 2024, the digital marketing landscape is poised for significant shifts. From search engine optimization to innovative ads, the industry is preparing for cutting-edge methods to draw in and hold the attention of consumers. Let’s look at some of the major digital marketing trends that our experts have identified for the upcoming year.

Katie Lawton

Marketing Client Manager

Hyper-Personalization: Tailoring Experiences for Individuals

Hyper-personalization is replacing the marketing era of one-size-fits-all. In order to create one-of-a-kind encounters, marketers will use data, analytics, AI, machine learning, and automation in 2024, as consumers demand more individualized experiences.

Marketers can create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns that appeal to specific interests and behaviors of each audience by leveraging a variety of data touchpoints. As a result, consumers will feel significant, valued, and appreciated, which promotes long-term engagement and loyalty.

Damien Pierce

Director of Digital Strategy & Marketing

Personas Get More Personal and Actionable 

There’s long been a lingering problem with personas. As valuable as they can be in providing strategic direction to your team, personas can just as easily be a random collection of facts that are based on a team’s personal biases. Because of that, marketers and content creators can make the grave error of creating experiences based on a persona that obviously doesn’t exist.

AI will change that. By evaluating millions of data points, AI-driven personas will become more relevant and timely–and exclude the random facts that don’t matter. A persona should tell us what a prospective customer is trying to accomplish so that we can position a product accordingly. With AI, we’ll be better equipped to anticipate our audience’s needs and shape better user journeys.

Cynthia Rieger

Marketing and Research Coordinator

Increased Importance of Social Responsibility

Consumers now expect brands to reflect their beliefs; they are no longer content with only products or services. Businesses will need to promote their positive global influence in 2024, emphasizing their contributions to sustainability initiatives and humanitarian issues.

Brand loyalty and consumer perception will be influenced by brand purpose and social responsibility, which will become essential components of marketing campaigns. Brands can bond more deeply with their customers and promote positive social change by highlighting the good they do in the world.

Nick Ravine

Vice President, Operations

Data Privacy: Navigating a Changing Landscape

Data privacy is a top concern in the digital era, and in 2024, governments everywhere will continue to pass stricter legislation to ensure user data is protected and being used explicitly for only purposes the user has given consent. No longer are the generic “We use cookies on this website” banners a solution, as users have a right to consent to different cookie types, for example functional cookies vs marketing cookies. End users will begin to expect these types of opt out/in options as the standard as the year progresses.

Additionally along this line, Chrome will begin to phase out third-party cookies in Q1 of 2024, getting ready for third party cookie deprecation is essential for maintaining data privacy but will be a challenge for marketing departments who often rely on 3rd party marketing and analytic tools. To preserve efficient tracking and targeting capabilities, organizations must assess how they use these cookies and look into the quickly emerging alternatives.

Sean Rieger


AI Disruption in Search 

We couldn’t have a trends list without mentioning artificial intelligence (AI). Beyond using AI for content and image creation, it will continue to disrupt the search engine landscape. People use search engines to get information, and AI delivers it more quickly by deciphering user intent and anticipating their needs. Because they see AI as having revolutionary potential, Google and Bing are making additional significant investments in the technology to keep ahead of the curve.

By 2024, AI will have a greater influence on search than just text-based queries. Artificial intelligence is becoming more proficient at comprehending and answering conversational requests as voice search capabilities increase. For marketers, this trend presents both a challenge and an opportunity to ensure that their content is perfectly aligned with user intent by optimizing it for AI-driven search.

Stephen Killar

Creative Director

Innovative Ad Formats for Content Differentiation

For brands that want to stand out, content overload is becoming a challenge. Marketers will look for cutting-edge ad formats in 2024 in order to differentiate themselves from the competition and gain relevance with customers. It will be essential to create memorable and shoppable experiences, as 51% of consumers report unhappiness with the content they encounter.

Marketers will look for innovative methods to provide engaging content that draws users in. Offering value and unique interactions that break through the clutter of the digital landscape will be key, whether that is done through shoppable advertisements or interactive and immersive experiences.

The digital marketing landscape of 2024 promises exciting shifts and innovations. From an emphasis on social responsibility to the growing influence of AI in search and the rise of hyper-personalization, marketers have a wealth of opportunities to explore. By staying on top of these trends, marketers can navigate the future with agility, creativity, and a strategic approach that resonates with the evolving needs and expectations of their audiences.