Understanding Web Applications: Creating a Seamless Customer Experience

January 16, 2024

If you spend time online, chances are you use web applications regularly without even realizing it. While websites primarily exist to provide information, web applications allow you to interact and engage with tools, systems, and even other people online. Many people confuse web design with web applications, but they're two very different things. Read on for more information about web applications.

Connecting You To Tools and Systems

A web application is software that runs on remote servers and is accessed through a web browser. While websites display web design content, web applications allow you to actively do things, like manage your bank account, connect with customers as a business, or collaborate with coworkers - all through a web application rather than a simple informational website. These systems connect you to databases and other functionalities that enable productive interactions and tasks.

Streamlining Complex Interactions

Rather than just passively reading information, web applications allow you to input your own data and preferences to accomplish goals. Need to configure a product and get pricing for an order? Many manufacturers provide web-based configurators and quoting tools rather than making you call a sales rep. Want to manage subscriptions for the various software services you use? Web apps enable you to self-service those changes rather than email support teams. Web applications empower users to self-serve and streamline complex interactions.

Connecting People and Systems

From social networks to business software, web applications ultimately connect people and systems in efficient ways. Rather than making a phone call or sending an individual email, you can communicate updates, orders, requests, and more to entire groups instantly through web apps. Systems that previously required manual paperwork or phone calls to accomplish anything now have online platforms allowing you to directly interface with databases, personnel, and stakeholders. Web applications bring people and organizations together in productive ways not previously possible.

While static websites provide information, dynamic and interactive web applications serve as invaluable tools for productivity, efficiency, and communication in the digital world. Their role in connecting people and streamlining tasks continues to expand each day. If you own a business, we can help you with your web application and web design. This helps you appeal to the billions of people who are online daily — approximately 2.2 billion users. Get in touch with these users through web applications implemented by a trusted marketing company. Contact WiredViews now to get started on creating a seamless customer experience.