About Hendrickson

Hendrickson is a multinational, heavy-hitter in the global commercial transportation industry. They design and manufacture medium- and heavy-duty suspensions, brakes systems, tire pressure control systems, auxiliary lift axle systems, parabolic and multi-leaf springs, stabilizers, bumpers, and other various components and have been a valued WiredViews client for over 10 years.

The Challenge

Hendrickson’s website was first designed and developed by WiredViews in 2011. While the site provided value for 10 years, it was time to update the technology behind it, the website design, and the approach of the Hendrickson team in maintaining it. All of this had to happen in a seriously condensed time-frame while easing the Hendrickson team into a new content model and approach more suitable for modern enterprise.

Hendrickson considers WiredViews a valued team member.  The process from start to finish went smoothly, and we are very happy with the results!

Ian Cunningham • Digital Supervisor


Taking key Hendrickson stakeholders through our comprehensive Discovery Process, WiredViews was able to sidestep potential budget overages, delays, and security risks while keeping the project to a blazingly quick 8-week sprint. A phased approach was used to migrate the Hendrickson website and global subdomains to Kentico Xperience. Through this process, WiredViews helped Hendrickson outline key reusable content and created custom components which gave content editors a flexible infrastructure to quickly launch new product lines and pages on the website.