Multiple regions and various languages

About Hendrickson

Hendrickson is a multinational, heavy-hitter in the global commercial transportation industry. They design and manufacture medium- and heavy-duty suspensions, brakes systems, tire pressure control systems, auxiliary lift axle systems, parabolic and multi-leaf springs, stabilizers, bumpers, and other various components and have been a valued WiredViews client for over 10 years.

The Challenge

Hendrickson serves multiple regions with various languages and product offerings available on seven different sites. After completing the redesign of the corporate USA Hendrickson website using Kentico Xperience, WiredViews and Hendrickson collaborated to bring these international websites onto the Kentico Xperience platform.

The Hendrickson marketing team is responsible for managing these seven sites that represent seven geographical regions. Because much of the content is similar between these sites, Hendrickson sought a solution where one update on the backend could be translated to each site without any additional work. The team didn’t want to waste resources every time a change needed to be made, since a single update required a separate change on each individual site.

By creating a forward-thinking content strategy, the WiredViews team reused existing components from the corporate website while giving Hendrickson a single location for updating content across various websites, all at the same time. The management of the sites was simplified with the translation of content for each region. The results were reduced software and hosting costs, as well as significantly reduced IT administration complexity.

The Results

7 total regions
1 domain
3,587 international pages

This transition into the Kentico Xperience platform allows Hendrickson content editors to efficiently manage 7 total regions and 3,587 additional international pages, all in one single source of content management. The consolidated content structure leverages reusable resources and shared taxonomy across cultures. In addition, consistent branding was established by utilizing shared designs and templates. The result gives the Hendrickson team the ability to implement content efficiently across its global footprint and to move forward with a productive low-code/no-code solution.