Taking athletes to the next level

About ProMentor

ProMentor is an immersive app where young amateur athletes can receive guidance, training tips, and mentorship from a professional athlete.

The Challenge

WiredViews partnered with the ProMentor team to help increase brand awareness and generate leads through a social media campaign. Because the app allows young athletes to improve any facet of their game, we needed to develop a campaign that would encourage young athletes to identify (and share with ProMentor) the skills that they want to improve. From there, we’d be able to show the audience how ProMentor can help.

The Results

15% Increase in email subscriptions
1.5% Rate of Engagement
17.2% landing page conversion rate

How We Achieved This

Our approach was to ask young athletes to rate their own skills, just like pro athletes are rated by popular sports video games. We created social media graphics showing the ratings for teen and pro athletes, and encouraged our target audience to visit a landing page where they could share their own ratings. Once an individual submitted their information, they unlocked a cheat code that could be used for a discount off their first session along with tips on how to get started with ProMentor. We also followed up with an email nurturing campaign to encourage new users to try the app.