Launching the brand that changes lives, one movement at a time.

African American Woman in workout clothes doing rehab exercises with the UGen device on her wrist

About UGen

UGen is the only wearable device that eases at-home physical therapy for both healthcare providers and patients with real-time, corrective, auditory feedback.Though a late entry into a fast-growing market, the emerging brand came to us primed to disrupt the physical therapy market. UGen's ability to precisely track human movement helped them quickly establish a partnership with a leading healthcare provider. What they still needed was branding, positioning, and a go-to market strategy to stand out from the crowd.

Four square of different people taking on the challenge of PT with a picture of the device

The Challenge

UGen has always had superior innovation and technology, but in a world becoming more saturated with fitness and physical therapy wearables, the challenge was getting healthcare providers and patients to take notice. UGen needed to breakthrough the confusion created by a fragmented market--and clearly showwhy their brand can deliver better patient outcomes

“We had to build and reimagine a home PT brand that could change the medical system and also empower individuals.”

-Vision is our secret sauce!

- Stephen Killar, Creative Director at WiredViews.

Market Research & Strategy

UGen came to WiredViews with a wealth of knowledge about the physical therapy market and its key players. Our approach was to not only confirm their insights but dive deeper to understand existing opportunities and how to build relationships with their ideal clients. We crafted personas and user journeys to ensure our messaging was spot on.

Booklet showing some of the market research done on behalf of UGen
The UGen logo on a brandguide with the device next to it.
The welcome page to the UGen brand standards
A page from the photography style guide for UGen

Brand Identity & Messaging

We helped UGen develop a unique brand persona through a series of exercises that defined their brand consistently across all channels and connects with their audiences. The brand needed to speak to healthcare professionals, administrators, and practitioners, as well as the patients they serve. The UGen brand translates to the common ground between
them all.

Ugen Brand Position Page
The color palette page from the UGen styleguide
A page from the UGen identity standards showing type faces
Person walking past billboard
Advertisement with woman doing squats and the words "One step closer" on it
One step closer to chucking your 6-iron across the fairway - Advertisement

Creative Concepts & Ad-Like Objects

The creative concepts and ad-like objects are grounded in the tagline “Every Move Counts." It is a line that represents the brand and also a product attribute. The work focuses on the small and large steps taken in physical therapy that can transform a patient's life. The creative targets both the consumer and health systems in unique ways, speaking to both audiences.

Mobile device with adlike objects on it.
Advertisement - Because low-fives lead to high-fives

Website & Online Experience

UGen needed a fresh website in a very short time-frame, to help establish its product as the first of its kind. Through an accelerated "MVP" approach, we delivered on that experience with a beautiful and responsive online experience that speaks to directly to healthcare providers, individual patients, and future investors.

The UGen website on a mobile phone and laptop

Create a Movement – Social App and Gamification

(Future project concept)

We'’ll create a hub where UGen users can compete against, or with each other, in a positive way. We’ll gamify the entire user experience. Earn points by performing correct movements, exercising for a certain number of days in a row, exercising in different locations, etc. The list is practically endless. We’ll shout out high performers and the community will support and cheer each other on.

A conceptual social app for UGen on an iPhone with a middle-aged woman doing stretches next to it.
Ugen Sports Lab displayed on a truck
Every swing counts

Social Activation: UGen Sports Lab

(Future project concept)

The most powerful way to understand how UGen works is to try it for yourself. We’ll create mobile “labs” that can travel to where our audiences are (health systems, sporting events) for real-time demos. Mobile lab techs not only help with the demos; they can also speak to the benefits and successes of the product. And of course, we’ll capture plenty of content from the demos to share on our social channels.

Two possible social media influencers for UGen

Influencer Activation

(Future project concept)

Social media influencers have become a trusted source of information. We’ll partner with reputable influencers in the worlds of health, fitness, and science. From PTs with large followings to famous athletes who are training or rehabbing, we’ll educate them about UGen and how to use the product, which includes demonstrations for their followers.

Sales Collateral & Investor Materials

We carried the UGen brand identity over to the sales materials and a deck used for investment opportunities. The breakthrough messaging focuses on patients' recovery as well as technical aspects of the product itself.

Investor guide and sales materials for UGen with business cards to the left