WiredViews Identity, Website, & Marketing as a Service

WiredViews logo As an agency, all too often one’s own brand assets suffer the “shoemaker’s children” fate. It’s easy to do with so much time and attention being spent on delivering high-quality solutions for our partners and clients. So as we approach our twenty-year anniversary, it was time to spend some much-needed effort on our own brand re-launch. What better way to launch our new approach to Marketing as a Service then to showcase what we could do with our very own brand. 

From a new logo, identity, mission statement, and website, to an integrated marketing campaign built from the ground up on a state of the art marketing automation platform that connects the dots between landing pages, progressive profiling forms, branded email, email sequences, drip campaigns, social media thought leadership. We even used our own sales & CRM consulting services to take a deep dive into how we generate business in order to design an efficient sales funnel that automates lead qualification, nurturing, scoring, and even talent acquisition. 
WiredViews digital marketing services brochure

Project Details

  • New Logo and Brand Identity
  • New website, accessible, mobile responsive, and built on Kentico Xperience using MVC integration architecture. 
  • Brand research, positioning, and new mission statement. 
  • SEO research, competitive analysis, and application.
  • Sales Consulting, CRM implementation, and pipeline design. 
  • Social Media thought leadership campaign
  • Integration of website, forms, social media, advertising, and gated assets into the automated vetting process. 
  • Content marketing strategy & implementation with branded assets to generate leads. 
  • Integrated analytics that connects the dots from lead acquisition all the way to sales ROI. (Tracking leads from the first touch to the sale and then continuing as automated engagement scoring of continuing customers.) 

before + after

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